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Building in balconies

Our aluminium and PVC systems are especially good for building in balconies, terraces and other installations.


Lightweight systems used in the construction of: additional space at home, dedicated play and rest areas for children. Building in balconies provides additional security against break-ins and allows longer use of terraces and conservatories as well as makes the dwelling better insulated against cold.

We use our lightweight aluminium systems in building in balconies, terraces, glasshouses, conservatories.

Advantages of building in balconies:
– Noise level reduces by 10 dB
– Additional protection against dust, snow, rain and other atmospheric factors.
– From now on you will not need to worry about your child’s safety on the balcony.

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Lead free windows

From February 2008 Eko-Plast begun the production of window profiles designed using solely calcium zinc stabilisers.

New company headquarters

We are pleased to inform you about our new headquarters in Krakow on street Śliwkowa 1 and invite you to visit us.


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Building in balconies

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