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Ideal 2000

This system based on proven technical solutions is a classic one among the Eko-Plast products. Among its many advantages, the following are definitely worth mentioning:

- IDEAL quality and beautiful finish allows meeting the highest expectations of our Clients
 – IDEAL double system of seals
 – IDEAL reliable drainage system
 – IDEAL thermal and acoustic insulation that comply with most stringent standards
 – IDEAL smooth surface that allows easy profile maintenance, cleaning and care
 – IDEAL firmness of profile allows the manufacture and correct functioning of windows of many shapes and purposes
 – IDEAL modern non-faced profile
– IDEAL width of frame and sash creates an impression of lightness and stylishness
 – IDEAL eco-friendly system that allows it to be recycled
 – IDEAL quality, due to which profiles are completely resistant to harmful atmospheric agents
– IDEAL long-term durability is guaranteed by the use of zinc coated steel reinforcements
– IDEAL range of universal solutions and exceptionally rich variety of designs 


In addition to this the implementation of a three-chamber system 60 mm wide allows the use of any windowpane set of a dimension up to 54 mm. The Ideal 2000 system is popular in historic buildings as well as family homes and flats, avant-garde office buildings and city apartment blocks. It has many system combination versions with frame and sash surfaces (non-faced version) displaced in relation to each other, with outer surface of sash lying in the middle part of frame seal (half faced version) and with external surfaces of frame and sash lying in the same plane (full faced version).


There is always, depending on the type of building, the possibility of choosing a version of sash and frame surfaces lying in the same plane and a version with frame and sash surfaces displaced in relation to each other.


Different kinds of glazing beads allow us to offer to our clients a choice of various unique window styles.


ideal2000 warianty


 The technical specification includes among others:

-  3-chamber construction system that ensures appropriate thermal and noise insulation (1.5 W/m2K in accordance with DIN 52619)
 – Narrow exposed surfaces, special curvatures and surfaces inclined at 15° give the windows an elegant and classic look
 – Styled profiles and decorative beading make it possible to achieve complete stylistic harmony of windows with their surrounding building facade and interior
–13mm shift of axis of the fixture notch from the edge of frame allows for making use of wider fixtures and providing protection against break-ins
– Hidden glazing unit seals
– 15 degree window frame and sash edge slant ensures excellent water drainage
– 8mm overlap of the sash onto the frame ensures a good seal.

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Lead free windows

From February 2008 Eko-Plast begun the production of window profiles designed using solely calcium zinc stabilisers.

New company headquarters

We are pleased to inform you about our new headquarters in Krakow on street Śliwkowa 1 and invite you to visit us.


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