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  • PVC Windows PVC windows Modern windows must bring comfort and high exploitation value as well as meet the demands for durability and environmental protection standards. Above all, they must fulfil our clients’ individual expectations.

  • PVC Doors PVC Doors Doors are a show piece of your home, they ensure your safety and protect your from the elements. Our doors are characterised by a modern look, any desired shape and form, the highest safety and long durability.

  • External roller shutters Roller shutters  Produced from specially profiled high quality aluminium, they form an element of a building facade, protecting it from outside factors starting with atmospheric activity and ending with unwelcome guests.

  • Sills Sills Outside sills are manufactured form multi chamber PVC, which guarantees their stability and easy maintenance. The additional advantage is their very easy installation with the use of mortar, sealing tape, mounting foam and silicon.

  • Vents Vents Thanks to a vent slot, which is only mounted in the top area of the window, the problem of air control flow is resolved in an intelligent way.

  • Profile colours Profile colours Next to their shape an important part for the aesthetics of doors and windows is played by the colour choice. Today we are able to satisfy all demands of our clients in accordance with tastes typical of a given area, tastes or architectural concepts of the project.

  • Historic Historic Profiles and elements for historic building styles


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Lead free windows

From February 2008 Eko-Plast begun the production of window profiles designed using solely calcium zinc stabilisers.

New company headquarters

We are pleased to inform you about our new headquarters in Krakow on street Śliwkowa 1 and invite you to visit us.


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