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Roller shutters

Among our many products, external roller shutters hold a special place. They are for installation in both Aliplast window profiles and other profile types using special fittings.

The main advantage of shutters:

- They not only protect the home from break-ins but also from harmful atmospheric agents
 – Unrestrained control of light access to interiors thanks to which thermal insulation is maintained and at the same time, there is a reduction in energy costs
 – Considerable noise reduction due to acoustic insulation
 – Protection of privacy, indispensable in present times
 – Integration with anti insect net systems

rolety_210 front-rolety_210

We make use of various shapes and materials in producing roller shutters. Our external shutters can be used in homes, luxurious apartments, commercial and industrial establishments. We have a wide selection of colours for the housing box, shutter curtain and guide channels enabling the perfect fit of shutter to the building.

In our offer, we have fit-on, adaptation and lintel shutters. All of them comply with European standards and meet the high expectations of our clients. The covering of the shutter is of hard polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Steel reinforcement and aluminium plaster carriers ensure stability.

rolety-adaptacyjne-2_210 rolety-nakladane_210

The Aluplast systems of outside roller shutters have been equipped with a series of improvements in order to make operation easier:

– Manual operation
– Spring operation
– Wireless electric operation
– Electric operation with radio receiver
– Electric operation with overload switch that detects obstacles
– Electric operation with emergency manual control

Nowadays external shutters perform not only the function of protection and insulation but also form a decorative element of modern architecture.

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From February 2008 Eko-Plast begun the production of window profiles designed using solely calcium zinc stabilisers.

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We are pleased to inform you about our new headquarters in Krakow on street Śliwkowa 1 and invite you to visit us.


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