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To our Clients we offer window profiles from the Ideal Intertec series because they are universal in the construction of complex systems. The series is especially useful in giving the desired shapes to profiles.




The high quality of our PVC windows manufactured from Eko-Plast systems result in products with many desirable features:

– They are resistant to all types of destructive atmospheric agents
– They possess excellent thermal insulation properties resulting in energy saving
– Window profiles will not  be affected by mould or insects
– Windows are made of durable material, but can always be recycled
– They are eco-friendly
– No need to worry about profile colours fading (we guarantee they will retain their whiteness for many years), never need painting
 – Thanks to smooth and uniform construction maintenance is very easy
 – PVC windows are cheaper compared to wooden windows
 – PVC material is fire resistant, which means that it does not burn on its own and if there are no other sources of fire present, the material exhibits fire-extinguishing properties
 – Wide range of colour for most profiles
 – PVC profiles made in such a way that they can be individually shaped – permanently bent; for this reason our windows can be of any shape
 – Harmonious appearance give  the PVC windows  soft and round lines, long distance from fixture slot axis to the edge of the window frame allows for applying wider and stronger fixtures
 – Frames do not become electrostatically charged
 – Do not attract dust – they are antistatic


Okna obrazki-real41


For a given project additional solutions can be applied, thanks to a wide range of profile surfaces with varied visible area widths and varied assembly depths (from 50 to 80 mm).
All Eko-Plast system profiles (six series – four assembly depths) are mutually compatible.


From among various Eko-Plast PVC windows, we specially recommend:

- Okna Ideal 2000
- Okna Ideal 2000 Round Line
- Okna Ideal 4000
- Okna Ideal 4000 Round Line

Infolinia Eko-Plast Promocyjne ceny okien Kalkulator cen okien



Lead free windows

From February 2008 Eko-Plast begun the production of window profiles designed using solely calcium zinc stabilisers.

New company headquarters

We are pleased to inform you about our new headquarters in Krakow on street Śliwkowa 1 and invite you to visit us.


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Windows Ideal 2000

Windows Ideal 2000 Round Line

Windows Ideal 4000

Windows Ideal 4000 Round Line



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